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Babymoov Doomoo Cocoon - Grey

Babymoov Doomoo Cocoon - Grey

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Create a gentle cocoon to reassure your little one in their new surroundings with the Doomoo cocoon baby sleep nest. Keep your baby snug in their cot or pram for gentle rest, play and sleep.

  • Organic cotton, portable baby sleep nest for 0-8 months
  • Complies with all safety testing for safe overnight use
  • Helps transition baby from womb to the large area of a cot
  • Removable cover, machine-washable at 30°

After leaving the womb, newborns can find it hard to relax in their new surroundings. The Doomoo cocoon baby sleep nest creates a smaller, reassuring cocoon for your baby to help them feel comfortable and relaxed in cots, prams and playpens. So, whatever your little one does, with this snuggle nest, you know they’ll be relaxed and soothed.

If you’re searching for the best baby nest in the UK, look no further. This cocoon baby sleep nest is designed to reassure your baby for gentle sleep and rest. A cocoon cot reducer creates a comfortable, made-to-measure space for your baby to feel at ease, whether they need a pram cocoon or a baby nest for their cot.

Wonderfully soft for your baby, the baby nest bed is made from micro-breathable 3D fabric at the head – whilst the back section and sides are made from organic cotton jersey to care for your baby's sensitive skin. In accordance with WHO recommendations, your baby is comfortably positioned on their back in the baby nest pod, so they can relax naturally in sleep and rest.

Adaptable and hygienic baby nest bed

Every parent knows it’s important to treasure each moment, because little ones grow so quickly. Fortunately, the Doomoo newborn baby sleeping nest adjusts as your baby grows. The bottom of the baby cushion nest opens to create more room for their little legs, making it perfect for use from birth up to 8 months.

The snuggle nest cot reducer is also practical and hygienic. It has a removable and machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. Plus, if your baby nest pod cover has run its course, there are additional washable covers available to purchase! Perfect for use whilst your main cover is being washed, our super-soft white and grey marl Doomoo cocoon baby nest spare cover is made from the same breathable organic cotton.

What makes the Doomoo baby cocoon safe for overnight sleep?  

The Doomoo newborn baby nest bed can be used overnight unsupervised. That’s thanks to the compliance of its materials and construction compared to other relevant overnight sleeping products for babies.

The baby cocoon features a firm roll to surround your baby. This is constructed with highly breathable 3D mesh specifically to address concerns about suffocation and eliminate the risk of over-heating when baby is unattended. For your complete peace of mind, the Doomoo baby sleep nest has been through a robust risk-based assessment in an external laboratory, in line with usage of the baby cocoon in a bed or playpen. 

Our firm and comfortable mattress complies with general Paediatric recommendations. Always ensure your baby is placed on their back in the cocoon and with their head positioned on the nest head with the breathable fabric. The baby cocoon should always be placed fully supported on its back on a flat, firm and stable surface.

The Doomoo baby nest bed cover is machine-washable to ensure compliance with hygiene requirements for sleep products too.

What tests has the Doomoo baby cocoon passed and who accredits them?

The Doomoo baby cocoon cot nest was created in accordance with the most up-to-date and relevant safe sleep guidelines for babies. We rely on the analysis of several accredited and independent laboratories such as SGS and Bureau Veritas.

Babymoov also works in collaboration with various stakeholders, including laboratories, doctors, supervisory authorities and other manufacturers, to pool common safety requirements for products within a child’s sleeping environment.

The Doomoo cocoon cot reducer has undergone comprehensive risk assessment and safety testing to ensure this product is safe and fit for overnight use. Extensive testing including flammability, suffocation risk via the cocoon walls and risk of falling was also carried out on this baby cocoon. Chemical testing has also been performed on the Doomoo cocoon, confirming the organic materials used on this baby cushion nest strictly comply with REACH regulation.

Composition: 75% Organic Cotton / 20% Polyester & 5% Elastane

Filling: Polyurethane foam

Cover: Removable cover, machine-washable at 30°

Please note, this baby cushion nest comes with a childproof safety zipper. To open, we recommend you use a paper clip, or something similar, to insert into the zipper where the handle would typically be placed, then pull as normal.


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